Subtle Energies & Intuitive Skills

Connecting Physical Presence to Self Awareness and Mindful Actions, then Using them to Awaken and Serve.

Subtle Energies & Intuitive Skills is a course for anyone curious about energy work, healing, meditation, and discovery.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use a series of subtle energies to see, sense, repair and clear away energetic disruptions that can slow you down and keep you from being your fully expressed self. 

You will learn to intuitively connect with your own needs and address imbalances within your self, as well as discover, explore, process, integrate and positively shift your own response patterns, and the influences of other people, becoming more aligned with your desires, direct experience and personal wisdom. 

This course will explore practical techniques and the uses of Subtle Energies including: Earth Energy; Life Force Energy; Universal Consciousness Energy; Physical Healing Energy; Spirit Essence Energy; Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies.

You will learn to run these energies for yourself through guided meditation, discussion and touch-less exercises you can practice with others, applying immediately useful techniques that serve to bring your body-mind-emotion-spirit self into a state of unity, awake and aware. 

Subjects presented and explored include: 

"Breathing into Present Time":

Earth Energy, experiencing the power of grounding to Earth and living in a state of present-time awareness.

"Embracing the Tree of Life Force": 

Life Force Energy, the power and benefits of finding your own personal energetic baseline, free of splits and confusion caused by societal influence and other people's energy.

"Healing your Hurt Heart": 

Universal Consciousness Energy, the power of applied Creative Imagery, Physical Healing Energy, Physical Healing techniques, and the healing effects of holding space for yourself and others, with kindness, compassion and heart centered living.

"Delving into your Divine Duality": 

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies, bringing forth the wisdom of your innate masculine and feminine energies, and learning to use them together for informed mindful actions, self expression, and self healing.

"Seeing Symbolically": 

Trusting your Intuition, Tying the teachings together into a framework for mindful living based on a balanced Mind, Body and Spirit, 

and more...

Course Introduction

#1 Breathing Into Present Time

Breathe into Present Time, Ground to Earth, and Create your Meditation Sanctuary

#2 Embracing the Tree of Life Force

Life Force Energy, Detaching from Other People's Energy, Finding your own Energetic Baseline

#3 Healing Your Hurt Heart

Holding Sacred Space for Others and Self Healing Techniques Using Focused Creative Imagery

#4 Discovering Your Divine Duality

Exploring Your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies and using them for more informed Self Discovery

#5 Trusting Your Symbolic Sight

Tying it all Together, Reviewing the Energies and Skills, and Discussion

Michael Timothy Bean

Michael holds a Mastery Certification in Energy Medicine from the Academy of Intuition Medicine.

He’s a seasoned educator who specializes in 1:1 client service, teaching, group facilitation, interpersonal skill development, and experiential education.

Michael served as the Director of the UC Berkeley Outdoor and Experiential Education Program for many years, teaching staff and guiding clients and students through the journey of facing fears, self discovery, and learning new skills in the wildernesses of the Bay, Ocean, Rivers and Mountains and their perceptions of their own personal limits.

He's taught in the Graduate School of Education at UC Berkeley, and has led workshops internationally.

Michael is also certified in Leadership Development, Group Facilitation, and Mediation & Conflict Resolution. He's earned a degree from UC Berkeley and participated in a years long program called Integral Transformative Practice.

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